The Product


Cabana helped redefine cachaça when it was launched in 2006. As the first double distilled cachaça it took the category to a new level of mixability and refinement. Double distilled in pot stills and mellowed for nine months in Brazilian jequitibá rosa barrels, Cabana is the ultimate mixing cachaça.

What is Cachaça?  Cachaca is the national spirit of Brazil and must be distilled from freshly pressed sugarcane. Cachaça can only be produced in Brazil. Saudé!

The Distillery


Cabana is produced in Jaguariúna, a town built amongst sugarcane fields outside of São Paulo, Brazil. With cane fields surrounding the area around the distillery, Cabana is able to use the freshest cane for its award winning Cachaça. 

Jaguariúna is also known for hosting one of the biggest rodeos in Brazil. This year's will be taking place September 18-26. Swing by and watch some of the world's best bull riders compete! 

The Cocktail


The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil and the ideal cocktail for a warm summer day. Plus, it’s simple! Just take a full lime, quarter it (we like to cut in half again for 8 pieces), muddle at the bottom of a rocks glass with 1 tsp - tbsp of sugar depending on how sweet you want it, add ice, then two oz of Cabana. Believe us, you'll have more than one!

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